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Case Study: How SHOC Made Over $45,000 in Sales with Wishpond

Case Study: How SHOC Made Over $45,000 in Sales with Wishpond

When it comes to email marketing, a lot of good things are said, but rarely do you see real-life examples that actually show the results they garnered.

Which begs the question, can email marketing really make your business money?

We can answer that!

At Wishpond, we've helped over thousands of brands do just that, increase sales with email marketing.

In particular, one brand is SHOC, an eCommerce store that sells premium sports products for athletes.

I'll show you how Wishpond helped SHOC to generate over $45,000 in sales.

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SHOC had set out to increase their sales and online presence. They were launching a new series of products on their website, so success was essential.

Before Wishpond, the team at SHOC had been using a wide variety of Saas tools. But they needed a full service, not tediously jumping from one tool to the next.

To meet their goals, they turned to us. Our prices and all in one platform were more affordable and better than all the other tools combined. Not to brag, but we do offer over a wide variety of tools and services, including integrations with the most powerful tools like Shopify, Salesforce, and more!

The Strategy at Work

Wishpond's dedicated marketing executive for SHOC started to get the ball rolling with strategic planning in mid-April 2020. The goal was to generate revenue and nurture their email leads and subscribers.

Here's a quick break down of how the services and tactics to ensure that we generated more sales and nurtured leads, increased social media presence engagement, and solidified their products in their target audiences' online space:

  • Optimized Pop-Ups: We wanted to start generating leads right away, with pop-ups we were able to capture new and returning customers to add to our email drip campaigns. Pop-ups were A/B Tested so that the copy, design, timing, and offer would maximize conversion rates.

Case Study: How SHOC Made Over $45,000 in Sales with Wishpond

  • Social Media Posts & Giveaways: We used contests to drive traffic to SHOC's website and increase sales. Specifically, a photo contest: Most people prefer photo contests as they're the second most used contest. They've made their way in second place, with image-heavy social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more, companies try to keep up by gravitating towards photo contests. Contest emails were sent as they have an average 8% rate, which's 5.5% more commonly used email marketing campaigns.

Case Study: How SHOC Made Over $45,000 in Sales with Wishpond

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  • Email Drip Campaigns: Email drip campaigns are a series of emails sent out on a schedule or triggered by an action (or lack of). But not all campaigns are equal, our team ensured to create separate drip campaigns for potential and current customers, guiding them along the sales funnel from start to finish.

Case Study: How SHOC Made Over $45,000 in Sales with Wishpond

  • PPC Ads for Product Launches: We created customized Pay-per-click ads for new products to drive customers to the online storefront. This was the first time our client SHOC had used PPC ads that resulted in $600/day in sales after their launch date.

The Results Speak for Themselves

SHOC generated over $12,000 in sales on the first day of its product launch with all the services listed above.

Within seven days, they were up to over $20,000 in sales with only the use of email marketing, welcome mats, and pop-ups.

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Within a few days after hitting that $20,000 mark, they acquired almost $45,000 more in sales. Our marketing executives had not only captured and nurtured their leads but boosted their online revenue as well.


Needless to say, SHOC is one happy Wishpond client, proving that with the right tools and strategy, you can see a drastic increase in sales with the help of email marketing.

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